• Image of Aaron Kent - Sinking Ship Zine #1

Sinking Ship #1 is the first zine in a collection of contemporary poetry published by I Came Here Looking For A Fight, and containing poetry by its founder Aaron Kent. This first edition contains various holes throughout it, enabling readers to see the repetition of a single word from the final poem throughout.

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I Came Here Looking For A Fight is dedicated to moments of fight or flight, to never knowing who or what is home, to never taking your shoes off at the door. It is for everybody who insists on being unfashionably late, for the night owls and the early birds. I Came Here Looking For A Fight is for words that throw punches, gather evidence and then successfully defend themselves in court.

PLEASE NOTE: All ICHLFAF books are printed on a recycled card cover. Our ethos rely on minimalism and uniqueness, therefore all books are printed zine-style and avoid the glossy, lifeless look of some bigger publishing house books.

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